Mission + Vision

The Open Door Network is an agency where we help those who enter our doors reimagine their lives. We are a place where people in crisis can heal from trauma and reimagine their lives.

At The Open Door Network, we believe compassion and guidance go a long way in nurturing the resilience of all people – especially people dealing with major crises like joblessness, homelessness, or abuse.

Every day, our team of experts works with families and individuals with nowhere else to turn, and we unlock the tools and resources they need to begin again.


Meet People Where They Are

We remember that everyone has unique needs, so we don’t impose any judgment or preconceptions. Every experience is different, so it is our goal to meet people exactly where they are, providing them with the right support and tools to find their path.

Lead with Compassion

Compassion is one core aspect of everything we do. We see our clients as our neighbors—our community—and we believe in their potential. As a result, we approach our work with open hearts and open minds.

Believe in Human Potential

We know the path to stability can be challenging, and that people need to know that they have a reliable guide in that journey. We know that the right guidance, mentorship, and tools can go a long way in helping our neighbors in crisis.

Strive for Solutions

We know there aren’t single-serve, cookie-cutter solutions for our clients, but we also have years of expertise and proven approaches that provide an important framework. We embrace our knowledge and expertise to provide holistic, results-oriented care for our clients.