We are all resilient beings, but in really tough times we also need love, support, and guidance to help us take control of our circumstances. Some of our neighbors lack the basic resources most needed in times like this— resources you and I take for granted, like a safe home or a trusted friend. In order to overcome their circumstances, these neighbors need a supportive community that meets them exactly where they are, and professional guidance to rebuild their own path.

The Open Door Network therapists work everyday with children, adults and victims who have encountered tough times. Our therapists have the tools to determine what outcome is desired from treatment, use evidence-based practices to promote overall healing. It is our goal to work collaboratively

Our services are free

Child Abuse Treatment Team (CHAT)

We specialize in supporting children 0-17 years old who have experienced severe trauma. This can include:

  • Homelessness (youth/individual or family)
  • Sexual abuse or exploitation or human trafficking
  • Parental substance use
  • Bullying
  • Witness of crime
  • Neglect
  • Foster system

Counseling Team

For adults 18+ years old we specialize in supporting anyone who has experience any form of intimate partner violence, sexual violence or human trafficking. Our counseling services are free and open to any gender or identification.

Our services are free of judgement and confidential.

For more information contact our teams (661) 322-0931

For an emergency call our 24 hour Emergency Hotline: (661) 327-1091