Workforce Development

Creating Opportunities for Employment

There is not much from your past that would disqualify you from working with us.  We’ll take a chance on you so that you can take a chance on yourself.  Our job development program is designed to recruit, train, and employ people who want a shot at full-time employment, but just need a little help getting there.

Work crew members benefit by developing professional maturity, job skills, work ethic and progress toward continuous employment and self-sufficiency.

Types of Work Crews
  • Machinery and Equipment Cleaning
  • Green Waste Management
  • Animal Care
  • Litter Removal
  • Bulky Item Removal
  • Cutting Fire Breaks Around Property
  • Landscape and Property Maintenance
  • Operational or Site-Specific Needs
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Transportation
  • Flexible Manual Labor Needs

When people have access to a team that both believes in them, a team that has the resources and connections to help them get a job, they are better equipped to stay employed in the long run.

Childcare assistance may be available.

Information sessions are held every Monday at 9:30am at 1420 Union Ave, 93305.  Applications are accepted at that time. For more information call 661-322-9199. 

Connecting Employers with Workers

Job Development Work Crews are the perfect solution for companies or government agencies needing to supplement their current workforce. By performing part-time manual labor and maintenance jobs, our work crews take the pressure off of your skilled workers and employees, allowing them to stay focused on their jobs.

Benefits of Contracting with The Open Door Network Work Crews:
  • Save time on interviewing and hiring.
  • Keep your skilled employees on-task.
  • Lower cost than full-time, on-staff employees.
  • All payroll, HR and insurance handled by The Open Door Network.
  • Potential tax benefits.
  • Support your community by creating employment opportunities.