Housing Assistance

The causes of homelessness are complex and often compounding.  At The Open Door Network we have a wide-array of assistance programs that can help currently homeless, potentially homeless and those facing hardships. To find out what services you qualify for

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Housing is just one piece of reimagining a life. Below are other services offered to clients of The Open Door Network that ensure our clients have the support to become self-sufficient.

Prevent Homelessness

If you are struggling to stay in your home or are in a temporary living situation, there are multiple programs available to help you pay rent, deposits, utilities, and more so that you can find and secure a new home or stay in your current home.

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Case Management

Once your crisis needs are met, you have a dedicated case manager to help you meet your goals. They are experts in providing support for domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, housing, shelter services and gaining an income.

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In this program we successfully transition clients from homelessness to independent living. We create community and advocate for our families as they develop strategies for self- sufficiency. Clients can receive support from our Aftercare program for 2 years in their own home and consistently under our care at one of our aftercare campuses.


Before the narrow window of opportunity in these children’s early childhood development closes, our licensed child care locations and caring teachers are there to help. Our team supports children to instill in them confidence, self-worth, a love for learning and other building blocks for success in the face adverse circumstances.

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Job Development

There isn’t much in your past that would disqualify you from working with us.  We’ll take a chance on you to take a chance on yourself.  Developing professional skills and maturity while maintaining a steady work history will be the first steps to take you from a part-time job to a full-time career.

The life you dream for yourself is possible.

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